Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reproduction, Pregnancy and Work

Tijdschrift voor Bedrijfs- en Verzekeringsgeneeskunde (TBV) 2006; September; 14 (9): 386-427.

Recently a special number (September 2006) of the Journal Tijdschrift voor Bedrijfs- en Verzekeringsgeneeskunde (TBV) was published on the topic Reproduction, Pregnancy and Work.

Articles were published in Dutch, unfortunately without an English abstract:
  • Reproducton, Pregnancy and Work. Brand T, Stinis HPJ.
  • The influence of physical load, stress and shift work on the reproduction. Brand T, Pal T, Zweerman G.
  • Epidemiological research on reproductive disturbances and occupational exposure in the Netherlands. Roeleveld N.
  • Occupational Health service about pregnancy also has to focus on males.
  • Pregnancy, infectious diseases and work. Stinis HPJ.
  • Fertility among greenhouse workers.
  • Physical work factors and pregnancy outcome. de Joode EA, Brand T.
  • There are a lot of young females working. Sorgdrager B.
  • Searching and finding information on reproduction and work. Schaafsma FG, Zweerman G.
  • Working during pregnancy and post-partum period, law issues. van Beukering MDM.
  • Best practices. Brand T, Stinis HPJ.

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