Saturday, February 10, 2007

Occupational Medicine 2006 In-depth reviews on Reproduction & Work

Occupational Medicine 2006; 56: 516-553.
In-depth review on Occupation and Reproduction.
4 articles:
  1. Burdorf Alex, Irene Figa-Talamanca, Tina Kold Jensen and Ane Marie Thulstrup. Effects of occupational exposure on the reproductive system: core evidence and practical implications. pp 516-520.
  2. Irene Figa-Talamanca. Occupational risk factors and reproductive health of women. pp 521-531.
  3. Ane Marie Thulstrup and Jens Peter Bonde. Maternal occupational exposure and risk of specific birth defects. pp 532-543.
  4. Tina Kold Jensen, Jens Peter Bonde and Michael Joffe. The influence of occupational exposure on male reproductive function. pp 544-553.

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